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Friday, March 16, 2012

Vinnies Monster Warehouse Sale Strikes Again!

I have posted about the Vinnies Monster Warehouse sales before, and my massive hauls from them. This time around was no different! I went on a Thursday morning (taking a half day of personal leave from work to go op shopping - yes I am obsessed!) and it wasn't overly crowded or busy like it was last time on a Friday. I would usually go on a Friday but I have back to back meetings all day at work today.

I find that they clear different things at different sales. For example, last time there were a lot more shoes and bags and I cleaned up in that area, but they didn't have any dresses. This time, there were racks and racks of dresses. They also had super cheap vintage furniture, I definitely would have snapped it up if this were Perth! There was a gorgeous kitchen cabinet for $20, an excellent quality wooden couch base that just needed cushions for $15, etc.

Anyway, without further ado, here are my finds:

 I have never walked away from one of these sales with arm fulls of vintage linen. Best of all, sheets are $1 and pillowcases 50c! I absolutely love the purple print.

 Framed embroidered chicken picture - this is so cute!

Gino Pucci black leather wedges. All shoes are $4 a pair.

 Plenty of clothes for Bub - all kids clothing is $1 a piece!

 Cue blouses, office staples - I was so excited to find these!

 RM Williams blouse and another Cue one.

 Dolina vintage dress {>

 Another vintage dress (probably handmade). I love the fabric, unfortunately I couldn't photograph the colours properly - it's a lot nicer in real life.

 Denim shirt (I plan to wear it unbuttoned) and retro floral scarf.

 Jane Doe funky long sleeved top for my Mum.

Sirocco vest - I'll wear this over the blouses that I picked up.

All of the above cost me a grand total of $39. I am certainly a happy camper :)

If you're in the Canberra area, the sale is held at 10 Buckland Street in Mitchell and it is still on on Friday March 16 and Saturday March 17.


  1. You'll have to sew yourself a pilowlip skirt now Lisa, that purple one is gorgeous.

  2. Great bargains! I love thrift shopping, you always find the best things. Wish we had the monster warehouse sales in Adelaide though!

  3. I would go, if I hadn't spent $72 at the Lifeline Book Fair today. Which I also took time off work to go to. Hey, at least we're helping out charity right?!

  4. Wow, that sale sounds awesome! I love the linen you picked up, especially the purple one with the flower print. Definitely worth half a day off!

  5. Oh I love the purple floral too.


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