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Saturday, March 10, 2012

Perth Op Shopping

A few weeks ago, I went back to Perth for the weekend. It was a last minute trip which I took because I felt like I really needed to clear my head and spend time with my family over there. I didn't have much time, but at my sister's insistence we dropped in to one of our favourite op shops.

As usual, I did not walk out empty handed. I bought:
Handmade and hand painted plate with only a few hardly visible chips ($3) and this super cute and interesting scarf ($3.50). I think the plate will look nice as a wall hanging.

 These sprout overalls were reduced to $1, and the Marks and Spencer Poncho is so warm, soft and stylish, it was a bargain at $5.

My sister's haul included a 100% wool Country Road cardigan which was reduced to $1 because it had some little holes, a Kmart skirt and a vintage top.

Her best buy was this soft leather Fossil bag which I found for her ($7.50).

All in all, some excellent finds at very good prices!

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  1. What great finds! I'm super jealous about that Fossil bag, I love Fossil. And that Poncho looks like it would feel amazing worn. I hope you managed to get some you time and clear your head <3

  2. Gosh that Fossil bag was a great find Lisa. My daughter bought a Fossil pencil case (with her Christmas money, not my money!) I couldn't believe how expensive it was!

    btw thanks for offering to get me tea towels if you spot thm on your travels. That's lovely of you Lisa. You asked which ones I like? I suppose the kitchier the better, my faves are the thick linen ones, brightly coloured, but as long as they're old I like them. I am happy to pay and for postage too.

    Have a lovely weekend x

  3. I'm always super excited to find a Fossil bag at an op shop. They are so expensive in the Fossil shops, but I just adore the leather they use. Great finds. Xx

  4. Great find With the bag and your other bits and bobs. x


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