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Thursday, March 15, 2012

Online Buys of Late

No matter how busy I am during any given week, I will inevitably find the time to shop. It's a curse!

Firstly, I bought some items from Brands Exclusive thanks to Klara from Click your Heels. I won a $50 voucher from her giveaway. I ended up spending $62 (it wouldn't let me go through with my initial order of $48 - I had to spend exactly $50 or more to redeem the voucher) so got all of the following for the bargain price of $12:

 Iko peep toe heel - claret. Do you know how hard it is to find maroon heels? I have a Diane Von Furstenberg dress that looks stunning with maroon heels. I wanted to wear it to a wedding, and I looked EVERYWHERE for maroon heels without success. I ended up settling on a pair I found online (sent from the UK), which I didn't really like and which didn't end up fitting me very well. Fingers crossed that these fit, and will replace my current pair of maroon heels.

 Iko stitched feature dress - cotton/silk
Iko barbed wire peep toe heels with heart cut out. These are so funky and interesting, I couldn't resist!

My other buy was from Asos. They are having daily sales at the moment where selected items are reduced for 24 hours. I snapped up these Asos Mindy leather loafers with contrast sole for a bargain $30:
I wish I had shares in Asos (I'm not sure they're even publicly listed, but anyway) - they must be making a killing in the Australian market, and good on them!


  1. Great shoes, I like the paint splat looking ones! I went a tad nuts last night on the cotton on website ten items for $52. x

  2. I really love those barbed wire ones so cool. I went nuts on the cotton website last night buying shoes it was so cheap! x

  3. Where can I get those barbed wire shoes in the UK?!!?!? Want BIG TIME!

  4. I am sooo jealous of those first shoes - they are GORGEOUS!


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