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Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Trend: Colour Blocking With Flats and Heels

I am very much in love with bright and happy flats, which are all the rage in the UK and USA right now. 

I know that these are being released for spring/summer there, but I think I need a pair to combat the dreariness of winter, and the otherwise neutral colours which are my office wear staples.

I don't know how much colourful flats will take off in Australia, but I guarantee that we'll be seeing plenty of colourful heels on the shelves. It's a lot more acceptable to be crazy with colour in clubbing or nightwear here, and I can see these heels styled with black stockings for warmth:

I'm also excited about colourful ankle boots. While I'm not sure whether I'll indulge myself with a pair (they are so NOT classic), I can't wait to see others wearing them:


  1. I saw a Steve Madden pair in color block that I just loved, they were out of stock though :(

  2. love those!

    thank you so much for your lovely comment on my blog! you're so sweet
    and I wish I can be a hair model! haha thanks for the great compliment

    following your blog :) hope you're following me too xx



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