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Saturday, April 30, 2011

Asos purchases

I have gone a little crazy on Asos lately, but my spends have not been overly expensive- so it's win-win!

Firstly, the ASOS drape ruffle pussybow blouse in chocolate brown, size 8. I hope size 8 isn't too small- usually I go down a size if the fit is 'oversized' on Asos, but it's hard to know. Price - 9 pounds. 

Next, this cute pom pom bear ears beanie. At 2 pounds, I couldn't resist!
Then, these cute ASOS Lilac lace shorts for 12 pounds. I plan to wear them this winter with black stockings underneath:
Asos lace tiered back top for 10 pounds:

 And finally, the Asos lace front collar, which will dress up any work blouse or top:
Fingers crossed these items will look as lovely on me as they do the models! This week has been extra boring at work, since my manager was away... so I spent a lot of time online shopping. The above, and a few ebay purchases are the result. Ebay purchases will be photographed by me and uploaded soon!

Saturday, April 09, 2011

Much deserved update

It has been too long, but hopefully this "slack" blogging will soon end. It has not really been slackness, but rather, I moved to Canberra and left my lovely powerful desktop computer in Perth. My only internet access has been at work (where writing a blog is definitely a no-no) and at home using my 7 year old laptop. It really is so slow and useless that it's less irritating if I just forgo internet, rather than try to use it.

Today I bought a brand spankin' new Toshiba Satellite L650/0K5 Laptop from Officeworks.

At $998, it fell within my preferred price range of  less than $1000. I don't think it was an amazing deal, but rather an okay price for a sufficiently powerful laptop. As we speak, my lovely laptop is being charged and installing Windows into itself :-)

Good bye 7 year old dinosaur laptop, hello pearly white Toshiba!
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