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Sunday, March 11, 2012

Political Brawls and the Best Cartoons of 2011

They're simultaneously idiotic and intelligent, painful and entertaining. Their behaviour in Question Time is an international embarrassment, but at least the Aussie politicians don't punch, bite and throw rubbish bins at each other (the same cannot be said of the Taiwanese):

This year I managed to get to the Museum of Democracy in Canberra at Old Parliament House to see the award winning political cartoons of 2011. I laughed out loud several times as I viewed the exhibition, and would strongly recommend a visit if this traveling exhibition ends up where you live.

Here are my favourites:

David Pope in Canberra Times on 19 Jul 2011, Source: Behind the Lines
I absolutely love the depiction of Abbott as a crazy hyperactive kid in this cartoon inspired by the cult kids/adult book Go the F*ck to Sleep. I blogged about it here.

Mark Knight in Herald Sun on 15 Mar 2011, Source: Behind the Lines

Fiona Katauskas in New Matilda on 2 Feb 2011, Source: Behind the Lines
Dean Alston in West Australian on 1 Sep 2011, Source: Behind the Lines

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  1. I enjoyed this exhibition too! Such a good laugh. I was really upset that they've closed the old restaurant at the back and now only have that little cafe in the front. I used to love going there.


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