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Tuesday, March 20, 2012

The Olympics + Super Talents = Sponsored Video

I can't believe how soon the 2012 Olympics are! They start on 27 July.

 Source: Reuters

The official mascots are called Wenlock and Mandeville. To me, they look like aliens from a childrens TC show. The (fictional) story behind their creation is as follows:

"At the steelworks in Bolton they are finishing building the last girder for the Olympic stadium. Two drops fall out of the molten-steel, and once cooled are picked up by a man named George. The day happens to be George’s retirement day so he signs the finished girder and cycles home... Later when everyone else is asleep he decides to make a gift for his grandchildren out of the steel drops. The next day George and his wife give their grandchildren the steel Wenlock and Mandeville. The two children take the mascots up to the attic and place them on the windowsill when a rainbow forms going through the house. The rainbow brings Wenlock and Mandeville to colour and to life where they learn sports from the children, posters and the TV..."  Source: Wikipedia

Erm, yes. The only explanation I can think of is that the creative agency who thought up these creatures were specifically instructed to think of a way to involve children in the Olympics and get them interested.

I think a much better mascot would be "Winston" the British Bulldog:

See? They should have hired me to come up with the mascot. I would have been cheaper, and gotten a better end result. Kids love dogs, especially dogs in clothes.

Mascots aside, I would love to watch the Olympics in person at some point in my life. London would be a great place to do this, as I could combine the Olympics with shopping on Oxford Street. That's enough to make any girl happy!

If you have a special talent (and no, we're not talking being an Olympic athlete yourself), film it and submit it to this competition and you could win a trip for two to the Olympic Games in London. The top 10 videos will also be  featured globally on TV (and on the big screens at the London 2012 Olympic Games). I wish I had a video worthy talent!!!

This video gives you more information about the promotion. I especially like the guy who can ride a bike while jumping over a skipping rope:

Do you have a special talent, or know someone else who does? I'd love to hear about it, or see your entry!

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