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Wednesday, March 07, 2012

An Enjoyable Week

It has been an enjoyable week so far. Work has not been dragging along, because I actually have enough work to do (it's a miracle!).

Last night we went and saw some of Canberra's iconic buildings lit up for Enlighten, Canberra's annual festival. These architectural projections feature work by local artists. I think last year was the first year they did it, and I have to say that this year is even better. Here are some of my favourites:

 Renaissance art projections on the National Gallery

 A projection on the National Library

 This was a favourite - Political Cartoons on Old Parliament House. I definitely have to go and see their exhibition of 2011's best political cartoons this year!

Also Old Parliament house - this one looked better up close than far away. The detail was incredible!

Also exciting this week is that I received the prize I won from a blog competition on A Treasured Past. Tam has very similar tastes to me, loving everything vintage and beholding a story of times past. This is the gorgeous prize pack (including a handmade brooch - my fav item, and a handmade necklace):

Tam sells similar items at her Etsy store, and also resells some of her thrifted buys.

I'll leave you all with a yummy lunch photo, and the news that I will soon be starting a diet/exercise regime. This is very much out of necessity, as fewer and fewer of my clothes are fitting.


  1. Thanks for sharing Enlighten with us non-Caberrians Lisa. It looks fantastic. Especially Old Parliament House. I would love to see it in the flesh.
    Tam is lovely, well done on winning her fabulous give-away x

  2. We were hoping to go this year, but with the terrible weather over the weekend, and Kade's sleepover party on Saturday we will have to wait another year. Old Parliament house looks awesome. Thanks for sharing the photos.

    Thanks for the lovely comments and etsy link, much appreciated. If I see my brooch walking past I will know its you! Enjoy the long weekend, Tam x

  3. I love your little prize package from Tam. So many lovely things! Xx

  4. I went to the Pollies cartoon thing, and it is fantastic! Well worth a visit :)

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