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Sunday, March 04, 2012

Bywong & Bungendore - Teahouse, Antiques and Puddles

The weather here continues to be shocking. It is supposed to rain heavily for the rest of the weekend before clearing up on Monday (fingers crossed!). We had pre-organised a daytrip, and despite the weather we went ahead with it. The choice for me was staying at home and feeling sorry for myself (with a sore throat etc) or getting out of the house and being distracted. A no brainer really.

Our first stop was the Scented Rose Gardens and Teahouse. This lovely little cafe is set in quaint manicured gardens, which would be lovely in the sun (especially in Spring when the flowers are in bloom). The blackboard menu in the cafe is short and simple, but you can be sure that there will be devonshire tea on it. It is located at 1725 Bungendore Road in Bywong, NSW and is worth a visit!

I had a toasted sandwich with homemade chutney, which was delicious:
I enjoyed this as much as I would have enjoyed a gourmet lunch :-)

Next we shared some delicious fresh scones which were served steaming hot with plenty of jam and cream:

Despite the pouring rain and warnings from the lovely owner that the garden had been subjected to a lot of rain damage, we decided to look at the gardens. One can see how lovely this venue would be in the sunshine:

We will definitely be back here when it re-opens after the winter in September (if we are still in Canberra that is).

We stopped at Bungendore on the way back to Canberra. This tourist town has quaint shops, galleries and cafes. Unfortunately it was not holding up well in the rain, with lots of road flooding... but we still managed to stop at the Wood Gallery and Antiques Shop.

These were my favourite items in the Wood Gallery - hand carved boxes with embroidery art on the inside:


They have everything from the traditional to the modern and unusual:

These birdies at the Village Antique Shop would be a perfect edition to the songbird chandelier DIY project that I blogged about:

The antiques shop has a huge range of furniture and vintage home decor items, both genuine vintage and reproductions or reworked items.

They even have a large outdoor area which we didn't explore owing to the weather. There is something quite spectacular about these vintage gates half submerged in water, don't you think?

As usual, linking up with Sophie and Apron Thrift Girl :)


  1. Hi Lisa, you are mad coming out to Bungers in the rain. Its like a swimming pool out the front of our house and I swear none of us have dry shoes. We have been under eiderdowns, watching movies, and reading books. The Teahouse looks quite good, would you believe that we haven't been there. Thanks for sharing, Tam x

  2. looks like a cool spot to visit


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