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Friday, March 23, 2012

Random Phone Snaps

Here are some snaps I have taken recently, mostly on my mobile phone (using a camera app that is largely equivalent to Instagram, on an Android phone...). They're of things that have made me smile.

The biggest watermelon I have ever seen, and some delish mangos, all grown by some family friends who live near Perth.
 The coolest modern retro-styled kettle. I must have one!

Ferrero rochers, one of my favourite choccies

Handbag + flight ticket, taken while bored on the plane

 An example of good marketing - "Strawberry, Hibiscus & Quandong ice cream". It looks and sounds gourmet, but really just tastes like any berry ice cream.

 Gasp- a frozen meal which was largely edible and which I mostly enjoyed! Beef rissole Healthy Choice meal.

Psycho cat attacking the top of her scratching pole

The cat stand-off. This went for at least 10 minutes. Lots of hissing and angry meowing.
Balloons in the sky above our house

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