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Thursday, March 22, 2012

Trend: All That Glitters

You will notice that some of the items in fashion this season include things that look like they have been covered in glue and had kids craft glitter poured all over them.

Try as I might, I cannot help being reminded of those cringe-worthy glitter top hats that we wore for dress ups and were given at birthday parties as kids:

It makes me worry that the next lot of designs will be inspired by the equally cringe-worthy sequined caps of our youth, which I also associate with dance concerts:

I had one very similar to this when I was around 10 years old:

Lord, please shelter our eyes from blinding glitter and give the fashion gods better inspiration. I love it on the nails, and possibly on the heels of shoes... but that's as far as I can go.

What do you think of the glitter trend?


  1. Can't do too much bling. It just screams tacky....

  2. Those hats! Those SEQUINS! Let's hope they don't make it big in fashion!

    I must admit, I love the glitter nails and shoes, and am not against a little sparkle on jewelery but some of the things out there can be too much! And you end up with flecks of glitter all over EVERYTHING!

  3. Super lovely blog!



  4. The glitter/sparkle trend seems to come and go. I don't mind it in small doses. I usually keep it to glitter nail polish. That satisfies me.


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