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Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Old Bus Depot Markets, Kingston

The Old Bus Depot Markets are located in Kingston (ACT) and are open every Sunday from 10am-4pm. They are fully indoors, so you can visit on a rainy day, and they run various special market days where many of the stallholders sell according to the theme: antiques, kids items, woolen items, jewellery etc.

I hadn't been in a while so and after a yummy lazy brunch in Kingston, I decided to check them out.  I don't think they're as good or cheap as the Hall Markets which I blogged about, but they serve a different purpose - they're more central and they're indoors.

 The markets

 Lots of gorgeous kids clothes

 I loved this ladies dresses - this one was on sale for $25!

 Dresses for sale - $50 each

Handmade leather bags - very exxy, costing around $300! The lady also sells on Etsy.

Chicken hats!? $38

 Flower clips / brooches made from kimono silks. Super versatile and look great as shoe clips!

 I loved this lady's artwork - she uses copper metal and modelling clay which she paints with metallic paints.

 I especially loved this kookaburra - $95 including frame.

Would you pay $38 for a short tarot reading? I wouldn't! I have always wanted to have one done, but at a much cheaper price...

I didn't take any photos, but there is a whole section devoted to food stuffs and plants - you can buy ready made cakes and tarts, freshly baked bagels, chutnies and jams, bunches of flowers, exotic teas, fudges, and even free range eggs and locally produced meats.

It also has a "food court" area where you can buy lunch - with Ethiopian, Laotian, Spanish, Turkish and Mexican food on offer amongst other cuisines. 

I'd definitely recommend the markets for an outing - especially on a rainy day when there is little else to do in 'Berra!


  1. I'm a new follower but just wanted to say I love your blog, especially your photos.
    You have been awarded a little something over on my blog- feel free to check it out.

  2. I just went to these markets last month visiting friends in canberra! Pretty cool - but we got there late...


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