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Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Life Right Now...

A short summary of my life right now:
  • Work is a curious (and annoying) mixture of waiting around doing nothing, and being insanely busy. To be a junior…
  • The boy drought continues. I have been trying online dating but haven’t met anyone I’ve ‘clicked’ with. Perhaps I’m too fussy!
  • I’m counting down until Christmas (literally…there is a countdown on my phone LOL), after which I have a week off in Melbourne for a friend’s wedding and some catch ups with Melbourne family and friends. I can’t wait!
  • I’m planning a holiday to Nepal in March/April 2015. Bring on some motivation to research and book it!
  • I’m on the Lite & Easy diet program at the moment. I’ve had limited success, but that’s because I have been cheating and doing no exercise.
  • My housemate who has lived with me for 2 years will be moving out in January… new start, yay!

What's hot (aka the list of stuff I'm enjoying):
  • Verge collecting, ‘kerbing’ or scavenging through peoples bulk rubbish collections. I have just started doing this and am somewhat hooked.
  • Chocolate. Food in general.
  • Scented candles which smell like chocolate or lollies, or other food that I need to eat less of.
  • Succulents and nurturing my ever growing collection.
  • Garage sales and op shopping, my true love.
  • Complaint memes on Instagram. These get me through work days!
  • The Hunger Games. A great first movie and I can’t wait to see the second and third, but I have to ask – why would anyone think up such a sick idea!?
  • The prospect of a new housemate.
What's not:
  • Work, and lacking job inspiration / passion.
  • The energy/effort required to find a new housemate.
  • My never-ending battle with food and dieting.
  • Spending too much money on meaningless crap to make myself feel better.
  • Clutter, and my hoarding and collecting tendencies.
  • Worrying about the future. I need to concentrate more on the present!
 Quote of the moment:

Garage Sale Trail 2014 Haul

I had fun at the garage sale trail again this year, with plenty of sales on in my area. It was great to be able to go to so many close together in one day! I didn't do as well as I did last year, and this time I probably accumulated some junk items which I don't LOVE.... and which I'll end up offloading in the future! Here is some of the haul:

 3 piece tiled hook together with wooden box with old bottles $12
Basket holding little jars $4
Gorman dress $5
Brown hat $2
Crystal vase $5
Blue glass vase $2
Twig and metal box $1
Leather clutch $5
Leather purses $2 each

Recent Retro Finds... and My Courtyard!

I haven't been on here for a while but thought it timely to share some of my recent finds :) I randomly saw a garage sale sign when I was driving home from brunch on the weekend and hit the jackpot with cute and cheap retro goodies.

Mushroom cannister trio in perfect condition - $2
Glass flower bowl - 50c
Enamel pot and pan, with handles to be attached, brand new - $5 the set
Ikea floral glasses - $1 for 6

I then splurged and bought this Singer sewing table complete with sewing machine for $150. I love it :) It's pictured here with my retro lamp and some other goodies on it.

 This is my cute succulent collection. The wrought iron wagon is a favourite, it was $25 at a garage sale as part of this years garage sale trail. The wrought iron stand, vintage drawer and the majority of pots (including the big blue strawberry planter) are verge collection freebies!

This is the other side of my courtyard. Again, lots of verge collection finds including the strange fish sculpture and garden gnomes which I spray painted gold. The blue strawberry planter was $8 from a garage sale.
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