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Saturday, March 24, 2012

A Day in Goulburn

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It has been just over 12 months since I was last in Goulburn, and I know this for a fact because I went last year on Canberra Day, and returned on the same day this year. Canberra Day is a Monday public holiday in Canberra, which is not a holiday in NSW - the perfect time to visit op shops across the border. Last year I posted a review of the op shops in Goulburn, and not much has changed this year, except that the Salvos is currently closed due to flood damage :-(

I don't think I actually save any money by going to Goulburn - maybe my car is inefficient, because it takes half a tank of petrol to do the round trip = approximately $30 in petrol. I know someone who commutes to and from Goulburn to work in Canberra every single day, he must spend so much money on fuel!

Goulburn is a very quaint town with lovely old buildings and cute little cafes. The locals are so friendly and I always enjoy chatting with them. It has 5 op shops all within walking distance of each other, and as in any country town, they have very cheap prices.

Here are the day's finds:

 Pyrex mixing bowl ($3), 2 retro glasses ($1 each), Johnsons mug (50c) - I love the design!

 Anise dress ($12.50) - this was from the Smith Family store, which has the best range of fashion items but is also the most expensive op shop in Goulburn.

Handpainted Japanese pot ($1), Pyrex casserole dish ($3), Corningware pot with lid (50c!) and vintage pillow case (50c).

If you're in Goulburn, the Coffee Bean serves fabulous coffee (with beans freshly roasted on site) and the owner is lovely. We had lunch at Lunch Box on Main which serves a delicious Mediterranean lamb burger, huge club sandwiches and great freshly squeezed juices.

I took some snaps of the inside of Trish's Trash and Treasure to share. This is a recycling shop linked to the tip, and everything is dirty and dusty but you can find some great treasures. The prices are a bit hit and miss, but it's definitely the most fun to rifle around in for retro homewares:

Finally, here are some of the beautiful old buildings that can be found around the place:

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  1. Love Trish's Trash, we stop in each time we go. The Lilac City movie theatre is o.k. too, and the bottom Chinese is really cheap and very yummy.

    Maybe see you at the car boot tomorrow, although I have no idea what you look like...haha

  2. Trish's Trash & Treasure looks awesome! Now I am hankering to visit a country town somewhere and go country opshopping as opposed to my normal Brisbane opshopping!

  3. I love everything you picked up and the prices are great too. That corningware...so cheap! Maybe I will have to stop off at Goulburn next time I am heading to Sydney.

  4. Wow, you got some great finds! And so, so cheap. Oh, how I love op-shopping adventures!

    Katie x

  5. I really love that pyrex bowl with the big orange flowers! So cheerful!

  6. Love your Pyrex bowl with the orange flowers, do different from what we find here in Canada....

  7. halo my dad is the owner of Trish's Trash and Treasure. we have recently made a Facebook page and will be posting info about events and interesting items. if you cud like our page it would be greatly appreciated.


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