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Saturday, January 25, 2014

DIY with an old bike

Part #2 of "things to collect from bulk verge collections": a rusty old bike!

 A  "chandelier" or mobile ceiling hanging

 The ultimate tealight candle holder (a use for old spoons too...)

 Candle hanging

Retro mobile

 Anything can be used as a planter - just add pots!

 Bike table

Wall art / photo holder

Garden wall art / planter

A wheel fence

Make a clock...

And finally, some more light ideas - this is achievable for me because of the use of fairy lights!

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Refurbished Vintage Drawers DIY Ideas

Part #1 of my inspiration book re "things to collect from bulk verge collections": Old Drawers to refurbish!

The ultimate in wall art (Source)

 Cute planter ideas (Source)

 Making use of colours (Source)

 Succulent garden dresser (Source)

Gorgeous wall shelf (Source)

This could be a cat climber (I saw this suggestion online!) or a great side table (Source)

I have tried to credit original sources, but sometimes this is very hard to find due to the likes of Pinterest etc!

Saturday, January 04, 2014

Boxing Day Sales FAIL...

Next year, I'm not going to go shopping until the new years sales. I bought a few things at the 2013 boxing day sales, but EVERYTHING was in stock, and further reduced in the new year! So super frustrating.

(1) Portmans dress, paid $50 from $99. Further 30% off from Jan 2 - should have paid $35!

(2) Jeanswest capris, paid $30 from $50. Further 40% off from Jan 2 - should have paid $18!

(3) Victoria station - I bought various wallets at reduced prices on boxing day. From Dec 27, they had the same reductions AND you got 50% off the second sale item purchased.

I could not deal with the above, so I rebought everything at the discount prices and now need to return the stuff I paid a higher price for.

I know, I'm a spoilt bargain hunter and I just need to let go!

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