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Friday, January 06, 2012

Purchases of late - oh how happy shopping makes me

First of all, I can report on my first ever Bluefly.com purchase. As per this post, I ended up paying around $220 AUD including postage for 2 leather bags and postage. This super duper bargain was possible only because my grandparents were at a wedding in NY- I could get the bags express posted to them and they brought them back to Australia for me. That way, postage only cost $25 USD for next day service. How much did Bluefly want for postage to Australia? A ridiculous $155 USD. That's right, one hundred and fifty five USD, almost the cost of the bags themselves. Unless I have family visiting the US in the future (which is unlikely), I will not be browsing Bluefly anymore. That shipping fee is too ridiculous for words, and I can't be bothered using a parcel forwarding service.

Hype William shoulder bag - $106 USD. This puppy is made of very good quality leather, and check out the super convenient compartmentalization:

 STEVEN by Steve Madden walnut lambskin BPariss shoulder bag - $84 USD. This lambskin leather is really soft. At first I was a little dissapointed, as I don't think it's going to be very durable, but it has grown on me (and is currently my everyday bag). It's nice to be able to stroke your bag to calm yourself with super softness (just joking... sort of)

But wait, there's more (as usual). Katies had a special promotion where you got $20 off any purchase over $20. With free shipping on their website, I just had to buy something. These (non-leather) flats cost just $5 delivered:

And next, kitty related items. Some safety collars with bells - we have had some incidents where our kitten has pounced on Bub and scratched her. This bothers us more than it bothers Bub. I think a warning bell might assist:

My Sydney shopping adventures during a recent weekend away were limited to the purchase of this hilarious 'Bathing Beauty' money box, which is going to be positioned as a piece of artwork instead of a functional toy:
 Who will know that it only cost $6 at Victoria Basement's pop up clearance store? Only you, my dear readers!

At the Kirrbilli markets, I found this lovely embroidered bird skirt for $10. It is brand new with tags, and the stall seller said she purchased it online at Modcloth:

Loving the detail!

And in Melbourne, I discovered a boutique called 'Duchess' which has the most darling Asian fashion. I couldn't resist buying 2 cardigans, at $45 each. They remind me a little of Alannah Hill, without the exorbitant price tag:

Little lady eat your heart out!

This is a timely find as I am quite unimpressed with Alannah Hill, my ex-favourite maker of cute cardis. Just look at the official Alannah Hill store on Ebay's feedback. Shocking! Now we all know that eBay is an unethical, money grabbing company... but I didn't expect deplorable customer service from Alannah Hill as well. Uncool behaviour by both eBay (in keeping the store running, when any other eBayer with such terrible feedback would get the boot) and of course Alannah Hill. Tsk tsk!

Bub starts school soon. Well not really, it's preschool at an early learning center three days per week - but it's the same campus she'll go to once she's older. And she already gets to wear a uniform (no more early morning fashion disagreements, hooray). I'm looking forward to taking a first day of school in cute little uniform photo. For the occassion, I bought this cute backpack by Skip Hop Zoo:
 "Whimsical details and durable materials make this the perfect on-the-go pack for kids on-the-go!"

After I bought it, I found out that all the cool kids apparently have said bag, or a variation of it:
Honor Warren with her Owl lunch bag

I could totally be a celebrity child stylist. Maybe this is an untapped niche market, and I should move to LA.


  1. Great buys! Those bags are gorgeous, and that bathing beauty is so cute hehe! Those cardi's are lovely :) I just read through AH's ebay feedback, HOLY SMOKES! How horrible :/ will stay faaar away hehe

  2. The black bag is beautiful. I love a bag with many compartments I am forever losing things in my Mary Poppins bag of mine. Wowza that AH feedback is shocking.

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