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Friday, November 11, 2011

2 Unusual Things Have Happened to Me

2 unusual things have happened to me in the last few days.

As per my previous post where I reviewed an Ethiopian restaurant, I tried Ethiopian food for the very first time the other night. It was tasty and flavoursome. Unfortunately, I had some sort of allergic reaction to something in the food and am now covered in a nasty, itchy rash. I have never been allergic to anything in my life - I don't suffer from hay fever or any food or grass allergies, unlike most people. So... I have been lucky, until now. If anyone else was at the Vinnies warehouse op shop sale today, you may have seen me - I am the person who looked like she had some kind of terrible disease! Serves me right for taking a day off work to go shopping! (Shhh....)

The second thing that happened is that my generous grandfather decided to give me a conditional gift. It was a gift of $500, with a strange condition attached. You see, he is travelling overseas and before he left,  I asked him not buy me a gift - he usually spends a lot of money on something that I really don't like or want (of course I didn't tell him the reason in blunt terms, although I did sort of hint at it). He transferred $500 to my account with the condition that I have to spend it ALL ON MYSELF, and show him what I bought. This is supposed to be instead of a gift from his travels, although $500 is more than he would usually spend.

Now, I don't tend to spend a lot on myself. Most of my clothes are op shopped, and I am madly saving for a house deposit. I have never in my life had a whole $500 to spend on whatever I want and not feel guilty about spending it.  I only got to keep the $500 if I spent it on myself right away, so I could not feel guilt... my grandfather is an absolute darling, he knows me too well...

So, for the first time in my life I bought some luxury items (or items that I consider to be luxury items).  I bought:

Steven by Steve Madden, walnut lambskin BPariss shoulder bag

Hype black leather 'William' shoulder bag

Skagen 355SCSG two tone mesh watch

Homedics Therapist Select SP-10H Shiatsu Massage Cushion

So very exciting, I feel incredibly spoilt :-) I also had a fantastic shopping day at the Vinnies Monster Warehouse Sale.Whoever says that op shops are not getting enough donations has not seen one of these sales... they have boxes and boxes, 1000s upon 1000s of kgs of stock to clear at dirt cheap prices. For example, 2 piece suits are $4, bags $3, t-shirts and sleeveless tops $1, kids clothes all $1, shoes $4, books $2, sheets $1... and more. It is absolutely chaotic as you'd expect but the stock just keeps on coming out so there is plenty for all. You need to be a bit pushy and expect to be trodden on, but on the whole I found people to be polite. I spent 3 hours there - you can keep going back to the same racks and tables because they add new stuff constantly. A proper report and my bargain buys to come soon :-)

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  1. Bummer about the rash! I love treating myself I did it tons while I was away. Though it's much more fun when it's someone else's cash. I love that black bag. I wish we had a warehouse sale around here.


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