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Sunday, January 22, 2012

Highlights and Lowlights of the Week

  • Went out for brunch (in case you haven't realised, this is my favourite meal of the day)
  • Went to a dinner party/taco night
  • Went op shopping, and scored some gorgeous things
  • Overindulged in chocolate at Max Brenner
  • Ate some rainbow cake
  • Went to Kambah Adventure Playground, a giant kids playground in Canberra
  • I am still feeling really unmotivated and uninspired at work. This week went as slowly as the last, and I don't see it improving any time soon. I'm not sure what to do...
  • I have been pigging out on junk food a lot lately, and it's all weight I'll have to loose in the future. It doesn't make me feel any better about things either!
  • Bub is being really challenging. She's generally being disagreeable and has been throwing violent tantrums (hitting and kicking me) for the first time ever. It doesn't help that I'm not feeling myself so have limited patience. 
The weeks highlights in photos:

#1 Op Shop Finds

This kitsch baby/child mug ($1) is my favourite find - so ugly yet so delightful! I also got these plastic sunflower tumblers - sunflowers are one of my favourite flowers.

 Lovely Pottery Tea and Coffee Containers, marked Harlington Pottery. These things are usually so pricey even at op shops, but these were a bargain at $3 for the pair. I don't have anything like this yet so they're perfect for the kitchen.

Finally, this funky retro plate ($1), paint your own box bag for Bub ($1), glass beaded necklace ($2) and as new vintage brogues with canvas and faux leather ($3).

Linking up with Sophie's Fleamarket Finds.

#2 Kambah Adventure Playground
Rock climbing at Kambah Adventure Playground

 Giant slide

#3 Food glorious food
 Max Brenner chocolate sundae goodness - chocolate ice cream with brownies, crispy waffle balls, melted chocolate in a pot and chocolate covered rice krispies... all of MB's specialities in one (except for their hot chocolate, which I also love!)

Yummy spicy beans with poached eggs, at Bittersweet Cafe in Kingston.

 On the outside, this cake looks pretty average. The birthday boy's name starts with a Y.

 But inside - RAINBOW CAKE! It looked and tasted fantastic, what a great idea!

 This was hilarious - we were having dinner at Pork Barrell in Parkes when suddenly the sprinklers turned on, right in the middle of where they had set up tables. There was a massive commotion and everyone who was sitting at those tables got drenched! The staff were dumb-struck!

Taco filling goodness

Not quite edible, but the taco dinner party hostees have this awesome bird, who has a lot of character (and can be very noisy!)


    1. That cup is super awesome, I'm in love with it!

    2. The playground looks awesome! I will definitely have to take the kids there soon. I felt the same about my job and finally made the BIG decision to take a year off and follow my dream, so to speak. I finished work last week! I hope things improve for you.

    3. wow... how did you make the rainbow cake?

    4. Oooo what's the birthday boy's name? Mine starts with a Y too - not very common! I see you're in Canberra too - I haven't been to Kambah playground for years. Looks like it's had a good makeover! I'll have to check it out!

      Awesome brogues!!!

    5. Sorry to hear you're still feeling a bit blah about work. I am too, and have been madly trying to find a solution, I don't like starting the year this way!
      I'm finding I feel better on days when I can leave work at the office and just enjoy simple pleasures at home in the evening, and exercise helps me too! Hope you find some more motivation this week!

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