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Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Calling all Melbournites: Recommendations Please!

Morning all! I hope you're having a good week. It's hard not to be happy when tomorrow is a public holiday. I am taking Friday off work and spending 4 days catching up with friends in Melbourne, which should be excellent.

Can anyone recommend the best thing to do in Melbourne on Australia day? Are the fireworks worthwhile, and where should we watch them from?

Things I'd like to do/see this visit (I won't get through them all, but I'll tick some off):

#1 Brunswick St, Fitzoy - I didn't manage to get there on my last visit. I love the vibe in this area.

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#2 DFO or outlet shopping along Bridge Road. Can anyone recommend their favourite spot for outlet shopping, whether it be a DFO/Harbour Town or Richmond?

#3 Go for a stroll and have brekkie in St Kilda. If it's sunny that is. Fish and chips in the sun sounds good too, especially since we don't get fresh seafood in Canberra!

#4 Check out Brighton Beach - I've never been and it looks super cute with it's colourful beach shacks.
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#5 Visit the Heide Museum of Modern Art. I love modern art, and pretty whimsical gardens. This place has both.

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#6 Enjoy some brunches in Melbourne's funky cafes. Last time I tried Auction Rooms, and loved it. This time, I'll tick off some other recommendations.

#7 Sip a cocktail at a rooftop bar. While Sydney might be famous for its hidden alleyway bars, Melbourne is famous for its rooftops. Bimbo Deluxe looks amazing, and I have always wanted to try Madame Brussels.

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#8 Go op shopping. It's my favourite passtime and I love checking out new haunts, so it makes sense to do it in a new city. It might be difficult without a car... I was thinking Richmond has quite a few within walking distance of each other. Does anyone recommend a different area? Where are your favourites?

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I hope you all have a lovely day off tomorrow, and HAPPY AUSTRALIA DAY!


  1. YAY! You're visiting my end of town!

    Bimbos rooftop is a great place to enjoy a drink in the sun! Also, if you go for lunch or on most evenings except Friday the pizzas are only $4 which is GREAT value! If you like blue cheese, the gorgonzola pizza is a must! But it's so decadent I struggle to get through more than a slice.

    The Penny Black in Brunswick also has a cute outdoor beer garden area. I blogged about it here - http://wheresmywater.blogspot.com/2011/12/food-diaries-penny-black.html Hopefully now that the weather's warmer they would have gotten rid of the marquee!

    Miss Jackson in St Kilda also does a MEAN brunch! It's hidden away a bit, but I love it for a weekend breakfast :)

    Also, last Australia Day I watched the fireworks in the city by the river, and headed to Riverland Bar afterwards for a few brews. That's also a great place for a drink or a snack when the sun is shining!

    Hope you have a great trip! x

  2. Another good spot for Pizzas is the Little Creatures Dining Hall on Brunswick Street, though not as good as the original place in Fremantle.

    Brighton bath houses are very cute (my own visit is here http://www.missdirections.com/2011/11/my-weekend.html) they look even better in person. Not super easy to get to without a car though.

    And I dislike harbourtown, there's not a lot there. I prefer the 'outlet' shopping that still exists on Spencer Street above Southern Cross Station. And Bridge Rd. Have to admit I haven't ventured too far for shopping in an attempt to spend $0.

  3. Thanks so much for your recommendations :) I might give Little Creatures a miss - I grew up with the one in Freo and sunny Perth summers so I'd always compare it to that!


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