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Monday, January 30, 2012

Melbourne by night: all about the lights

Our nights in Melbourne were filled with an unprecedented amount of bright lights, and other bright and sparkly things. It started with the Australia day fireworks display, which was a FAIL on our behalf. We packed a lovely picnic complete with lamingtons, damper rolls and sparkling grape juice. We found a spot by the river and settled down to eat. I suggested that we would have a better view from the opposite bank, but my friends (who are Melbournians, and whom I trusted) were too lazy to move and assured me that we'd still be able to see. 

Of course, we had massive boat sheds completely blocking our view of the main fireworks, and could only see the small secondary sparks let off from the top of this building:

It was pretty funny - I have seen enough fireworks in my life (and will see many more I'm sure) not to worry about missing these.

On Saturday night, we were walking along Southbank marveling at the lovely lights and lanterns hung over some Asian markets set up for Chinese New Year, when we were treated to a spectacular fireworks display right in front of us. It put the Australia day ones to shame!

There was also dragon dancing, drumming and various other entertainment in addition to the usual street performers. This is the Asian garden roof display in the Crown Casino:

This display of giant fire balls is another Crown attraction:

Friday’s cool but there’s something about Saturday night
You can’t say what you won’t do cause you know you just might
Our lives this evening it was love at first sight
This Saturday and every Saturday for the rest of my life
And it’s all right, it’s all right, it’s all right, it’s all right, it’s all right
Bright lights bigger city belongs to us tonight, tonight
- Cee-Lo Green, Bright Lights Bigger City


  1. You picked an eventful weekend to visit! :)

    Hope you enjoyed your trip! x

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