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Sunday, January 08, 2012

Perth Thrifty Finds

In my partially crippled state, I still managed to go to one op shop while in Perth. I didn't have luck there on my last trip to Perth, but this time I found some nice things.

The jackpot was this Johnson Australia pottery set. It was $18 for 6 dinner plates, 6 side plates, 6 bowls, 4 cups and 4 saucers in the matching flower design. An extra 20c from the clearance section got me the retro patterened cup and saucer:

I almost have enough crockery to fully stock a kitchen once I move back to Perth now! 

On the clothes front, this super slimming top by Picnic was $3:

This gorgeous hand painted egg shaped box was a steal at $1, and this set of knitted thingies were 50c:

 Any idea what the knitted things could be? My first thought was tea cosies, but they are joined at the bottoms and don't have holes in the sides!

Finally, although I can't yet sew and don't owe a sewing machine, I am 100% committed to buying one and taking sewing classes in 2012. This DK Sewing Book/ encyclopedia is in brand new condition, has excellent step by step pictures and was 50% off... It cost $3.50!

With basics like these, it could very well end up being my sewing bible:

What a great day, there's nothing like hitting the op shop jackpot at one store!

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  1. Love the Johnson ware designs.
    Yes I would so recommend learning to sew, there's so much to make and so much inspiration out there especially on Pinterest. x

  2. hey, I'm currently participating in the send-it-forward idea and giving away some Johnson side plates - thought you may be interested.


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