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Sunday, January 15, 2012

A busy weekend

This weekend I:
  • Visited an op shop
  • Had a lovely brunch for a friend's birthday (french toast, mmm!)
  • Went to a delicious BBQ
  • Made playdough (we used a 'no cook' recipe so that Bub could get totally involved. She tired of having sticky hands after about 1 minute and I ended up making it all anyway)
  • Cooked enough dinner for the next 2 nights
  • Went retail shopping
  • Had some drinks at a newish Canberra bar
 Very busy indeed, and much more social than I usually am! Unfortunately I haven't been sleeping well so I am exhausted, work will be a struggle tomorrow...

My thrifted finds were as follows:

 What could these be?

A vintage pleated midi skirt ($4), a tie with a cute penguin print ($3) and a bunny rabbit oven mitt (50c).

I'm linking up with Sophie and Apron Thrift Girl to share my finds :)

My non thrifted buys were:
 Genuine leather outer heels from Target (perfect for work), $35

 Retro bell for my non-existant bike, which I might one day get (or will otherwise gift this) - $2.50 from Sportsgirl

Sparkly brown necklace from Katies, Free! (You get a $10 voucher for joining their club and making a purchase... mine was about to expire, so I had to pick something in store. I didn't like anything that much so I just chose a simple necklace).

I love casual BBQs - good food, company and stories to share. This weekend's was one of those events, and the spread of meats and salads was overwhelming:

Typical Aussie BBQ - an awesome summer feed. Plenty of meat for the boys and delicious salads for the girls.

Dessert- homemade chocolate mudcake, tasted as good as it looks.

For my girlfriend's birthday, we checked out 'Honkytonks', a newish bar in Civic. I loved it - casual vibe, plenty of seating including couches, very reasonably priced drinks (plenty of wines and beers for $6 each) and you can even buy a mini "gourmet" hotdog for $5 if you're feeling peckish (I was):

Funky retro decor, love the flamingo!

What did you get up to this weekend?


  1. I just bought a bike so I'm definitely going to checkout sportgirls and see if they have that bell!

  2. food looks yummy! a productive weekend is always good but always goes by too fast.

  3. The penguin tie is cute and food looks yummeh :))

  4. Love that bike bell! Super cute. Might have to pop in to my local Sportsgirl and see if they have any! I'm trying to get my bike cleaned up and running again :)

  5. Love that skirt. But the bell! I want it! Kellie xx

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