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Sunday, June 03, 2012

Interviews and all that jazz

On Thursday, I spent the day doing job applications. I suppose I just needed to start, because once I started I was on a roll and got through them like a block of chocolate (ie, very quickly). Apparently the market for legal jobs in Perth is very good (or perhaps I underestimate my desirability or employability), because within an hour I had replies from the recruiters (who hopefully would not contact me if I was not worth their time).

Next week, I have nannying work, interviews, and I need to cull my wardrobe so that I can unpack fully (At the moment, there just is not space to put everything and I am still living in chaos!).

I also need to keep jogging/exercising *face palm* because the past week has included lots of eating and treats.

Here are some snaps:

 My friend's birthday cake, scrummy

 Pretty birthday presents

She has chandeliars - I want some in my house!

 I decided to wear this very blingy necklace, which I love (from Dorothy Perkins)

Carrot cake muffins from Piccolo in Leederville - tasted as good as it looks!


  1. Chandeliers in her house? I'm impressed!

    Good luck on the job front


  2. Yay for all the new job opportunities!

    And oh my, that cake looks delicious!


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