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Wednesday, June 13, 2012

What's HOT, What's NOT (Part 2)

What's HOT

  • Brunch: the best meal of the day
Whoever says brunch isn’t the best meal of the day obviously has not experienced proper brunches. Reasons why I love brunch:
    • It is the perfect time to eat (I have never understood those who can stomach a huge amount of food at breakfast time, c.f. brunch time);
    • It allows for sleeping in;
    • It is a relaxed, chilled out meal (forget multiple knives and forks, serviette on your lap etc);
    • It is probably the cheapest meal of the day to dine out for;
    • It’s the only substantial meal where you can choose sweet or savoury (without having to have both, i.e. sweet for dessert); and
    • the drink choices are delicious and always compliment whatever dish you order (think freshly roasted coffee beans in a perfect cuppa, fresh fruit juices, breakfast smoothies etc).
I have made a very lengthy list of brunch spots in Perth to try, and my aim is to review them all on here. I have already written three which are scheduled to be posted soon! 

  • Perth food blogs
Canberra lacks the quality food blogs that Perth has. I have no shortage of photos and reviews to mull over when considering where to have brunch. My friend and I are *contemplating* starting our own…

 Source: Poached
  • Relationships
I have a love interest. It’s early days… but it’s making me happy, and is providing some much needed excitement in my life. I think this quote sums up how he's making me feel:

 Source: sayingimages.com
  • Nannying
I have been looking after 10 month old twins a few days a week since my return to Perth and I am besotted with them. It helps that they are easy going, go down for naps easily, eat their food, don’t throw tantrums or cry for reasons I cannot understand etc… but seriously, I love this age! Four year olds can still be cute, but they’re in a different league…

What's NOT

  • Perth coffee prices
In Canberra, you pay $3.30 on average for a coffee. It’s about the same in Melbourne and Sydney, but you can also easily find delicious $3 coffees. The average coffee in Perth costs $3.80 (the cheapest I have seen is $3.50, and $4 is not unusual for a small coffee either). I know I’m quibbling over 50c, but for a frequent coffee drinker like me, this is a substantial annoyance. 50c per day for 365 days = $182.50. #firstworldproblems
Source: Zazzle
  • Target's sizing
Target have stopped stocking size 8 in womens clothes! The womens range now starts in a 10. This is very dissapointing, because I always thought their sizes ran large anyway. It turns out people are getting fatter, and their sales figures weren't good for size 8. I love Target workwear - some of it is very nice, and it's always reasonably priced. Luckily I'm a 10 in bottoms, but I am often an 8 in their tops :-( And I'm trying to loose weight anyway (and Target, you will not get in the way of that!)
  • Flu germs
It’s that time of the year when everyone seems to be sniffling. I’m actually not being a germ-o-phobe, because I’m not busy and this is an ideal time for me to get sick should the gods wish it upon me. I’m also well rested, eating well and feel like my immune system is a force to be reckoned with. I feel sympathy for some of my friends who are struggling through long hours at work despite being sick, and wish that said people would put their health and wellbeing above their career and the stupid demands of employers.


  1. I think you missed champagne and bloody marys in your list of brunch beverages;)

  2. That is sooo expensive for a cup of coffee and no 8's anymore? what tha??? 8 isn't even tiny! I'm an 8 on top too because of my pear shape - sad :(

  3. Oh I was happy to read about your new relationship. I didn't know Target is no longer stocking 8's but that would explain why I couldn't find any 8's in couple of things I wanted last weekend. That sucks I love Target. Looks like I won't be able to buy clothes there anymore.


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