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Friday, June 22, 2012

Employed and Annoyed

The good news is... I'm employed :-) I start my new job in a week. They wanted me to start on Monday but I negotiated a later start date, which is a relief because I need time to organise myself and get into the right headspace. Not to mention, I won't get any leave except the compulsary shut down between Xmas and new year for the first twelve months.

The pay is not great - infact, it's a pay cut from my previous position... but they say they'll renegotiate pay after my 3 month probation. And it's a great firm which will set me up well for the future, which is what should matter at this early stage in my career!

The bad news relates to my new suit purchase. Remember how I went shopping and couldn't find a nice suit? I decided to go for a second hand one on eBay instead, in a brand with consistent sizing (which I know I'm always a size 10 in). I paid quite a lot for it because it was listed as "brand new condition" and it was a 3 piece suit in the perfect colour, all 3 pieces described as "size 10".

It arrived today and the first problem is that the pants are a size 12, so are obviously too big. The jacket also shows obvious signs of wear, and will definitely need a dry clean (which may or may not remove the collar and cuff rings). I am not a happy buyer :-(

Last night I also got a parking ticket. I really miss Canberra's cheap city parking (if you could call the city a city..). We went for dinner in Northbridge and the parking was expensive. I put in all of my coins which totalled $11, and that got me 1.5 hours of parking. This was at 7pm at night, so not during a peak time or anything. I couldn't be bothered putting in my credit card to top it up (especially since there was a line of about 8 people behind me waiting to pay), so I vowed to return after 1.5 hours if we stayed out that long. Of course I forgot, but the bastard parking inspector had ticketed me within 5 minutes of my ticket expiring anyway, so chances are I would have gone back mid way through the meal to top it up and the ticket would have ruined the rest of my dinner.

Now my dilemma is whether or not to pay the fine. It's a ticket from a private parking company (as opposed to the city council), so they don't have access to my personal details etc. If I don't pay, there is nothing they can do, except if I accidentally park in a parking lot owned by that company again. Once they see the overdue ticket on their system, they will clamp my car. That would surely ruin my night (and the next day)... I think I should just pay and put it down to a very expensive night out :-(

At least I'm not this guy... source


  1. Congrats on the new job! My friend got a parking fine the other day too because the appointment ran late! We are going to stick to the undercover ones from now one were you pay when you finish. x

    1. That's what I've decided too! There was one just down the street, I'm kicking myself for not using it instead. It surely couldn't have been more expensive than what I paid...


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