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Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Odditude and other books

I am using my rapidly diminishing period of unemployment as an opportunity to do some reading. At the moment I feel like reading non-fiction, which is probably because I am not otherwise exercising my brain. I'm also reading a lot of books about psychology / self-actualisation, which is easily explained by my lack of direction!

Here are the books I just ordered from the library:

Do what you are: discover the perfect career for you through the secrets of personality type / Paul Tieger

Sex, genes and rock 'n' roll : how evolution has shaped the modern world / Rob Brooks

Gifts differing : understanding personality type / Isabel Briggs Myers

Odditude: finding the passion for who you are and what you do / John Powers

Junk for Joy! Over 50 projects to inspire you to re-use and Recycle / Sian Berry

 What are you reading at the moment, and do you ever read non-fiction? If so, what subjects interest you?


  1. Ooh, they look like interesting reads! I'm currently reading a couple of books about eating habits. I like self-help type books. Even if they don't always help, there's always a few things to make you think!

  2. Fiction lala is my escape (Confessions of a Shopaholic, anyone?! ;p) although I should probs incorporate some realistic reads into my life too. Gifts differing looks interesting! I'll google that now.

  3. Oh happy reading!! I have Junk for Joy too, a gift from fellow Canberra local & awesome author Tania McCartney. It's fabulous, love Posie

  4. I think I'm going to check out Odditude and Do What You Are.. They sound like the type of self-discovery/self-help books I'm pretty addicted to. I also have a weak spot for animal books - my most recent read is Dry Water: Diving Headfirst Into Africa by Tammie Matson :)


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