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Monday, June 11, 2012

Vacuum bags and other annoying essentials

A few years ago, I wouldn't have thought of buying anything other than clothes, makeup and perfume online. Now that I've flown the nest (I view my current living arrangement, back with the parents, as strictly temporary) and will soon be working fulltime again, life has changed. I'm busy, and I have to find time to buy essentials. Groceries, cleaning products etc.

Thank goodness for online shopping. It's possible to buy all of those *not fun to go searching for* items with the click of the mouse, and sometimes for cheaper than if I had gone in store.

Vacuum bags are a particularily annoying, "speciality store only" item.When Alec from VacuumSpot approached me and asked whether I'd like $50 to spend on their recently revamped website, of course I obliged. I chose vacuum bags, and a pet stain and odour removal spray.

Here's the kicker - VacuumSpot stocks all manner of vacuum cleaner parts (both mechanical, and things like hoses, belts and roller brushes) for all of the well known brands (and some I haven't even heard of). How many times have you used a vacuum cleaner with a broken hose (mended with masking tape) or seen a junked vacuum cleaner on the kerb? I bet you wouldn't have thought of going online to VacuumSpot, buying a replacement part and DIY fixing it (maybe you did, but I wouldn't have...). It would work out a lot cheaper, and there are even YouTube tutorials available on how to fix certain parts of different models. Harness the power of the internet!!!

They also stock carpet cleaning products (like deoderisers and shampoos as well as spot cleaners), vacuum accessories and tools and new vacuum cleaners.

Back to the subject at hand, I was very happy with all aspects of the transaction. The online website is easy to use, you can find out the shipping cost before you put in your details, and the products arrived at my doorstep in Perth (coming from the East) within 2 days. They were brilliantly packaged, and I wouldn't hesitate to buy from VacuumSpot again.

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