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Saturday, June 23, 2012

Brunch Review: Mooba, Subiaco

If you want a nice start to your Sunday morning, I'd avoid brunch at Mooba. This was by far the worst brunch experience that I have had in Perth (I had a nicer breakfast when I took my elderly grandfather shopping and we decided to have the canteen style brekkie at Jamaica Blue... seriously).

Our meals:

 Fried brioche 

  House baked gluten free toast
The Scoring

Menu variety / creativity: 6.5/10. A short menu without all that much creativity. They had a coconut rice pudding, but this was premade in the counter cabinet and didn't look all that appetising. Other options included a breakfast panini or fried brioche (my pick).

Taste:  4/10. Absolutely terrible. My fried brioche was cold, soggy and tasted too eggy. The ricotta on it was runny. My friend said that the house made gluten free bread wasn't bad, but it wasn't even properly toasted throughout.

Coffee: N/A. We wanted fresh juices but their juicer was broken, so we settled for the premade stuff (I'd just had a coffee elsewhere).

Setting / location: 6/10. Modern decor, which is pleasing if a little uninspiring.

Service: 6/10. You order at the counter and they bring the meal out to you. Despite the cafe being almost empty, it took them 45 minutes to make and bring us our simple meals (which were then served cold). My friend's toast didn't come with butter, and when she asked for some, the guy behind the counter remarked "What, you want another one?".

Price: 5/10. Probably the worst value brunch ever, and inconsistent pricing. My friend's toast was $5 which is great for gluten free bread which often comes at a premium. However, look at the size of my brioche in comparison and it cost... wait for it... $16! For a tiny piece of bread that didn't satisfy me at all (although, because it tasted so bad, I wouldn't have been that much happier with a more reasonable serving size).

Verdict: Terrible food, a waste of money. They might do good coffee (who knows?) but I won't be back. 

Recommended? Absolutely not. Urbanspoon's high rating is surprising, but most people are just rating their coffee which is misleading if you want to eat there.
Mooba on Urbanspoon

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