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Friday, June 29, 2012

Inspiration Board

Inspiration Board

Candle, flower, bathtub: Enjoy and find joy in the smaller things, make time to be alone with my thoughts, enjoy peace and serenity

Beach scene: travel, relax on a tropical beach, enjoy nature

Meditation scene: learn to be calm, nourish my spiritual health, spend time in the fresh air

Family: spend time with my family, value and enjoy them

Baby: learn from children, embrace honesty, innocence and happiness from the simplest things; find a way to continue to work with children 

Our happy place: find a place to call home, take pride in and be happy in my surroundings

Plane: travel, explore, experience different cultures and places

Books: learn, think and challenge my brain

Love: be open to love and companionship, trust myself and my feelings

Girl running: get fit, live healthily, be active

Bikini body: loose weight, tone up, take pride in my appearance, feel confident in my skin


  1. i've seen boards like that before, what program do you use to create it?


    1. I used polyvore.com :) I'm sure there are lots of other programs out there too.


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