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Monday, June 18, 2012

Techno Kids & Post Storm Adventures

The past week has been incredibly busy and stressful. I have now been to 8 interviews. This doesn't mean I have interviewed for 8 companies, the more convoluted interview chain goes like this:
(1) Interview with recruitment consultant;
(2) Interview with HR representative from firm / senior associate; and then
(3) Interview with HR representative and partner / other lawyer and partner.

It looks like I'll be choosing between 3 very different firms (if all goes to plan and they all offer me a position). My gut feeling is not being all that helpful right now, and I'm loosing sleep over the decision.

Anyway, my week was also taken up with various other shennanigans including some nannying work. It still shocks me how techno savvy (and techno-spoilt) kids are these days. These youngsters are only 4 and 6 years old, and they have their own iPads:

It made my job easier, but woah. They told me that "Santa spent a lot of money on these, so we have to be careful with them". That's good to know!

I think I'd prefer my kids to be playing outside and doing craft activities, but then, I don't have my own iPad yet (or any tablet) and it took me longer than most to start using a smartphone... Perhaps I am just techno-lagged and will be one of those embarrassing parents who deprives their children of what "everyone else at school has!".

It's still raining and raining here. At least the storms have finished (for now). My dog always likes exploring the park after a storm, when there is plenty of loose tree debris to sniff and mark one's territory on. The council have been super efficient in cleaning up, there was this exciting large pile of tree debris for the dog's pleasure:

My weight loss is going depressingly slowly. According to the scales, I haven't lost any weight... and the scales are probably right. I have been eating less but I haven't been exercising. It's partly because of the weather, but mostly because I am unmotivated. Stress also slows down the metabolism, and I'm pretty stressed about job related decisions. It doesn't help that I really enjoy little snacks like this:

 So pretty (and delicious)

Apart from op shopping (to be posted about separately), I haven't been too bad on the buying front. I needed some new cleanser (I use ASAP's daily facial cleanser with glycolic acid) and it's cheaper to buy online. If I spent $50 I got free shipping, so I threw in a Too Faced Shadow Insurance (a primer for the eyelids, to stop eyeshadow from transferring or building up in the creases). I also picked up two new ulta3 nailpolishes which were on special for $1 each at Coles:

I'll let you all know whether Shadow Insurance is a life changing product once I've had a chance to use it.


  1. That's so crazy...I can't imagine giving my 4yo a $500 christmas present...but if you have a look at the current target toy catologue it seems fisher price has ipod and ipad holder things designed for infants! It's crazy. We have just bought the girls each a laptop as we do a lot of our homeschool work online...but we enforce crazy (according to other parents) strict electronics time (3.5 hours a week, max of 1 hour a day). The girls spent two hours riding their bikes in the back laneway today and the rest of the time reading and doing origami...like you, I think kids need fresh air and to be doing something other than sitting in front of a computer...no matter how apparently "educational" the apps are.

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