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Thursday, May 31, 2012

Procrastination and Pug Cushions

I am procrastinating. I have been unemployed now for almost 3 weeks, and I haven't started applying for jobs yet. Granted, I have moved interstate in that time and I am still technically being paid (as my redundancy package + paid out leave gives me 7 weeks of breathing room). Still, once I start applying, it could take weeks or months to get a job.

I'm not sure what is stopping me? Perhaps the fear that I won't get a job... but that is irrational, because if I don't apply at all, of course I won't get one. I want to avoid it because then I don't have to think about how or where to apply and whether I will get a job at all (which is of course ludicrous, because I spend my time feeling guilty instead).

I am spending the days unpacking, cleaning, replacing household items that I left behind in Canberra because they weren't worth shipping over, reading, watching sitcoms, catching up with my (employed) friends (during non business hours), walking my dog and going for jogs. I have also been sleeping a lot (at ridiculous night-owl hours, hence the 1am blog post).

The main positive in all this is that I've been for 2 jogs in the past 3 days. That is a big step, and I plan to continue to exercise. I am hoping that will motivate me to eat healthier, or increase my metabolic rate or something. Goodness knows I need to loose weight - I am currently 8kg heavier than what I should be, and I can't fit into many of my own clothes.

Did I mention that I have loads and loads of ironing to do? About 50 items of clothing, because everything got crumpled in the move. This was the perfect excuse to pop into Target and pick up the Philips GC510 garment steamer, which is on sale for $79 (rrp is $139). I have always wanted to try one, and this seems to have good reviews. I'll let you all know how it goes, and fingers crossed it makes life easier - I really dislike ironing.

 Yes, it really is green. Brighter green than in the photo. If it does a good job, I'll let this pass.

I almost bought a pug cushion like this one:

The picture is a still taken from this hilarious video. I'm contemplating going back and buying one just to remember it ;-)


  1. Good luck with the job-hunting! I'm sure you'll find something soon :)

    That pug cushion is SO cute!

  2. Really looking forward to your review on the garment steam.

    And good luck with your job search. :)

  3. I have the next model up version of this steamer from Myer (comes with a stand) and it clapped out after 9 months! Luckily Phillips have a 2 year warranty and the store will just exchange in the first year. Now I have to lug it back :( I hope you gave better luck with yours!

  4. I also meant to say good luck in your job search. I know two people who have been made redundant in the past 2 months... Times are tough but you have to keep positive. It may even be a good time to change careers. x

  5. Oh my gosh! Is that pug cushion available at Target? And how much may I ask? I am completely in love with those dogs!

    PS. Randomly found your blog from Vogue :)

    1. They sure are and they have 30 percent off atm so it comes to 18$ :)


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