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Thursday, November 03, 2011

Online Shopping & Mexican Fiesta

I blogged about 'the fashion fruit bowl' some time ago, and said I wanted to buy these fruit salad flats from Belle Bijoux. I couldn't justify the $20 shipping fee. A kind commenter (emmydoo) alerted me to the fact that they were having a free shipping sale, so I snapped up a pair for $30. I note that they still have free shipping so if anyone else wants a pair, jump to it - they still have all sizes in stock.

They are super duper cute. Definitely worth the $30 I paid, but the original price of $149 is a bit of a joke. They came in an Australia post satchel with no padding or protection, and some of the beads were already coming off (probably due to the poor packaging). I got the size 36, which is a little tight on me (I am a size 6.5-7 depending on the brand) but still wearable. Now to put them to use.... :-)

I also made some purchases on Asos, taking advantage of their various sales. Purchase #1, the Asos Maestro Leather Traditional Lace Up Shoe in stone, for a cool $26.30 incl postage:
Purchase #2, Asos cute collar jumper with gold buttons in black/cream, for $28.77:

Thankfully, life isn't all about shopping. I took these snaps using the vintage setting on my HTC smartphone at a recent 'Mexican Fiesta' dinner party, which was a lot of fun (and very yummy):
 Sangria, guacamole and some cute flowers...
Gluten free cheesecake for dessert

I hope you're all having a lovely week!

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