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Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Fly Catching Cat

Forget fly spray or bug zappers, you just need to get a fly catching cat. Our Bengal has taken a huge liking to fly catching (and eating). She has the remarkable ability to catch flies with her paw, bat them around a little as they fly in a stunned daze, and then eat them.
 At first this was extremely distressing for Bub, who could cry “No Thomasina! Don’t eat flies, they’ll make you sick!” (very cute). Now we’re all used to it, and have officially banned fly spray in the household (so that the cat doesn’t eat a poisoned fly, and because she is an even better pest control device).
As usual with this new cat business, I did a quick google and it appears that fly eating by cats is common, and won’t hurt them. I think I’ll call it her little “protein snack” ;-) Here she is saying 'hi' over my laptop, and curiously swatting at the camera:

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