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Friday, November 25, 2011

Pop Culture Indulgences - November 2011

What I'm reading
You Deserve Nothing by Alexander Maksik
Set in Paris, at an international high school catering to the sons and daughters of wealthy, influential families, You Deserve Nothing is a gripping story of power, idealism, and morality. In Maksik’s stylish prose, Paris is sensual, dazzling and dangerously seductive. It serves as a fitting backdrop for a dramatic tale about the tension between desire and action, and about the complex relationship that exists between our public and private selves.


Vogue Australia Magazine

What I'm watching

Modern Family Season 3


Bridesmaids on DVD

What I'm drinking

Strawberry up & go - not healthy, but super convinient for breakfast


Vanilla Coke Zero

What I'm eating


Juicy Fruit gum

1 comment:

  1. The book sounds interesting...might have to look it up as I can never decide what to read. Modern family is awesome and I found bridesmaids hilarious (was expecting to hate it for some reason) and now I feel like a kit kat - damn you!


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