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Saturday, November 05, 2011

Vintage Ball - Wearing THE Vintage Dress

A few weeks ago I blogged about op-shopping in Goulburn. The purchase I didn't post a photo of was this amazing vintage Gerry Shaw dress that I bought to wear to a vintage ball I had coming up. It is such a stunning dress, and suits my figure brilliantly. Bub thinks it makes me look like a mermaid, and I see where she's coming from:
I got so many comments on it! The ball was a very enjoyable night, with excellent food and entertainment. I was a little dissapointed in the lack of genuine vintage attire amongst the girls - many had just worn a modern ball dress, or a modern dress and long sleeved gloves to add a "vintage" touch. If there was a vintage dress competition, I would have been sure to have won! I'm entering it into Sophie's Flea Market Find of the Year, a competition where people post their favourite thrifty find. If you'd like to vote for me, email:

sophieisobeldesigns[at]hotmail.com with the blog name 'Lisa @ Simply Me'. You can only vote once so be sure to check out everyone's blogs before making your decision.

I did snap some pictures of girls in vintage attire, as follows:
Left: Vintage pantsuit and lace top, which belonged to her Mum. Right: Vintage tea dress purchased at Fash and Treasure (I blogged about it here)
Amazing vintage sequined dress, belonged to her Mum (I'm seeing a theme here which makes me very jealous!)

Not a vintage dress, but cute accessories and she has gone to some effort to look "vintage", so I thought it was worth posting.

Some other happy snaps from the night:
 Succulent lamb for entree - this was fabulous

 Chicken main course, tasted a lot better than it looks actually!

The big band which entertained us with swingin' 50's tunes all night long


  1. The dress is divine! But look at the body in it...you seriously have had a baby? Urg. Jealous.

  2. you look amazing in that dress!
    I love the idea of a vintage ball! Shame there wasn't more authentic vintage.. but the girls you've snapped all look rad! Though you would have definitely won the prize :)

  3. You look beautiful in your dress. x

  4. You look great in your dress and look to have had a good time! I know what you mean about people not really making the effort. I went to a gala last weekend, wearing mostly vintage, and there were some 'un-gala' wardrobe choices to be sure. Life gives us so few chances to get really dressed up that I am always surprised to see so many people under-dressed.


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