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Thursday, November 10, 2011

Review: Flavours of India, Woden / Phillip

Flavours of India is relatively new, situated next to Grill’d outside Westfield Woden. The decor is nice, if a bit bland/unoriginal. Service was good.

The food was a bit disappointing. The first sign that it wasn’t going to be good was that our meal came out within 15 minutes- the sauces were obviously just reheated in a pan or something. It tasted a lot more like the Indian food that is sold in supermarkets, or something that would come out of a packet – there wasn’t much in the way of spices or texture to savour. Even the garlic naan seemed to just have some garlic butter painted on it, which tasted like the type you buy in a jar. The whole meal was reasonably priced (we paid approx $25 a head for 2 mains, rice and naan and no drinks)  but given the amount of Indian restaurants in the area, I wouldn’t return- much better to try somewhere else and really enjoy the food.


  1. Urg. After the girls father worked in a really awesome Indian restaurant there is nothing I hate more than sitting down to a blah Indian meal. When you come back to Melbourne I recommend Flora on Flinders St.

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