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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Woo what a storm

Today is an excellent day to be home sick from work (as I am), curled up in PJs and ugg boots. It has been raining and pouring and windy all day (and all of last night). The thunder and lightening (and hail!) last night was insane. We did loose power but only for a few minutes.

This being my first year living in Canberra, I wasn't sure whether this sort of crazy weather is the norm or not when it's supposed to be Spring/Summer. Apparently it's not. One guy called in on the radio and said "I've been here in Canberra since 1952 and I think I'll give last night the black belt".

As I type, it is still pouring with rain and very windy. Last night we had about 45 mm of rainfall, and that would be a lot higher now since it hasn't stopped pouring today. Apparently Sydney (and Melb?) have had crazy storms too.

I didn't get any shots myself, but here are some reader submitted photos of last night's lightening (from the Canberra Times)

Photo by Tom Corra

Photo by Chris Smith

Photo by Tom Corra

I wish I had thought of driving up Mt Ainslie to watch the light show!

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  1. It sure was a good downpour! I've lived in Canberra all my life, I don't know if I'd give it the "black belt" of storms here, but it was up there. My hubby and I both love watching and listening to storms, so we didn't get enough sleep last night!


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