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Sunday, August 14, 2011

Fash and Treasure

Yesterday I went to Fash and Treasure, a 2nd hand, local designer and vintage market held monthly in Canberra. I’ve got to admit, it used to be better when it was held every 3 months instead of monthly. This is the 1st time I’ve been since it started being every month and it was ½ the size of when it was less often, maybe even smaller. It had hardly any independent fashion and jewellery designers selling their wares, which was disappointing. What it didn’t lack were heaps of vintage stalls with stunning clothing. Unfortunately, although beautiful, the cheapest vintage dresses were around $40. I saw vintage cardigans for $145, and other similarly annoying prices. I don’t like wearing vintage that has cost a bomb, it doesn’t feel right. I prefer the bargain hunt and thrill of wearing a cheap but amazing dress. These ‘hand picked’ thrift shops are so overpriced in Australia. In the US (or LA where I was anyway), they are more expensive than traditional op shops but still pretty reasonable.
I did manage to score an amazing coat, that wasn’t vintage or 2nd hand. It was a sample, brand new with tags. The brand is Uttam, which is a funky London streetwear label which I really like. To find such a cheap and gorgeous coat in Canberra, well… I feel lucky:

Uttam coat, $50. Love the embroidery and fabrics used!
Feeling inspired to find some real vintage bargains, I headed to my local op shops. As usual, I was sorely disappointed. I did manage to find a cute little tray to store things on for a measly 30c! Shabby chic, eat your heart out:

I can’t wait to go back to Perth and go op shopping at my favourite haunts there- I have said before and will say again that Perth op shops are so much cheaper and have SO MUCH better stock than Canberra ones. I could do a weekend op shopping trip to Sydney- what are the op shops like there?

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  1. Yeah I can't pay big bucks for vintage it takes the fun of the hunt out of it for me!

    That tray is sweet!

    E :)


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