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Sunday, July 01, 2012


I had no idea what this was, but the kind old lady at the counter explained that it's a yard glass. This one is a smaller size, but the traditional glass holds a yard of beer (approx 1.4L) and can be traced back to 17th century England. The glass is used in drinking games, the aim being to skull its contents without splashing onself at the end (the bulb makes it likely that the drinker will be splashed in the face unless they are holding it at a particular angle).

Why would I buy such a thing? I think it will make an interesting flower vase (and that's what I plan to use it for!):

Hand blown yard glass with wooden stand - $6

I also picked up this cute piggie oven mitt, because for $2 I couldn't resist:

Someone had donated this very cool hand painted boot (to be used for decoration, or as a planter perhaps). I thought it was interesting so took a snap:

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  1. I can confirm the yard of ale is still used in drinking games - not by me for a few years but I have some very hazy recollections of pouring most of the ale down my front!

  2. I like the yard glass! And even if you use it as a vase, it'll make such a great talking point! I might have bought that boot to use as a planter ;) (my husband probably wouldn't have been impressed though!)

    1. I know, everyone will ask what it is, it will be a very unusual vase :-) I sort of regret not buying the boot, the problem is that it would have been bulky to store and I was worried it would rot too quickly if used as a planter.

  3. That yard glass as a vase is a great idea! I've never thought of that use for it before haha.

    I love that boot! What's it made of? Not sure if I'd use it as a planter, but it's a great decorational piece

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