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Sunday, July 22, 2012

Necklace Giveaway!

 These lovely necklaces are up for grabs, to thank those who comment and make blogging so enjoyable!

To enter:

*You must be a follower via GFC or Bloglovin. If you're a regular commentor you're eligible if you're neither.

*Leave a comment telling me which 2 necklaces are your favourite. Don't forget your email address!

*Entries must be received by the 15th of AUGUST 2012 (To those that noticed the typo, sorry!).

I haven't decided how many necklaces will be awarded, I suppose it depends on how many entries I receive :-)


  1. What a lovely giveaway. I'm a Google Friend Connect follower. I'd guess I have to say that my favorite two necklaces here have to be that colorful umbrella necklace...and is that other bright necklace a hot air balloon!? Too cute.

    By the way, did you mean to type the contest would be over August 15th?

    <3 Jackie@ Let's Go Thrifting!

  2. Count me in! I follow via GFC. I like the violin & the anchor necklaces. I am assuming the date was wrong too, or I'm far too late for this comp! Xx

  3. Awesome giveaway! I love the hot air balloon and the crown with wings! I follow on GFC. xx

  4. What a great giveaway! I like the little umbrella one and the dragonfly. They are all gorgeous though! Love your blog, I am a follower via GFC I believe x

  5. Cute ones Lisa, are these more awesome thrifted finds of yours? I'd have to say the umbrella and the dragonfly are my faves too, they're very fun. I follow you via GFC, and I'm at redfootydragon at gmail dot com.

  6. Ooooohhh so pretty!! I'd go the dragonfly and the anchor for my spring whites! :)

  7. This comment has been removed by the author.

    1. Great giveaway! I am following via GFC. I love the winged crown and the violin.


  8. Guess I'm not in the running for the umbrella or the dragonfly! Did you find all those in opshops, or are you having a cleanout of your own jewellery? It's given me an idea...

  9. I'm a follower through GFC. I only started following you about a month or two ago but since then have read all of your posts from your first to latest :) I loved hearing about your adventures in Canberra as I travel there quite a bit. I've always wanted to travel to Perth & your stories make me want to go even more!

    Anyways, I just had to comment because I fell in love with that umbrella necklace, however I can see a few people got in before me ;)

    My email address is loz.hush@hotmail.com - keep up the great work! :)

  10. Hello :)
    I love the winged crown one and the violin one. They're all very cute.
    GFC follower

  11. They are all SO pretty it would be SO hard to choose! Very nice collection.


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