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Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Brunch Review: Source Foods Cafe, Highgate

Source Foods Cafe markets itself as an "eco cafe" serving sustainable food made of ingredients sourced from local farms, markets and producers. It's located on the corner of Beaufort and Brisbane streets so is close to the city. We parked in the Brisbane St carpark (annexed to the Brisbane pub) which has free parking for the first hour (and paid thereafter).

The Scoring
Menu variety / creativity: 6/10. A simple menu, not overly creative but everything is organic which adds a different dimension.

Taste:  6/10. My vego breakfast was quite nice. I wasn't much of a fan of the homemade beans and everything else was pretty standard. The bread was spread with hommous which was an interesting touch but it wasn't mindblowing. Likewise my friend enjoyed her scrambled eggs with spinach but said she wouldn't return especially for them.

Coffee: 6/10. Below average, I wasn't a huge fan.

Setting / location: 7/10. It's simply but nicely decorared and has a few tables in the sun outside if you can get one. Chilled, slightly alternative vibe. 

I liked the knitted 'mmm source' sign, cute!
Service: 7/10. No complaints here, and the food came out quickly. You order at the counter and meals are brought to the table. Staff were friendly and seemed happy to be there. No one brought us water but we found some at the bottom of the drinks fridge and helped ourselves.

Price: 7/10. The meals were slightly more expensive than usual in my opinion but that can probably be put down to them locally sourcing organic ingredients. My vego breakfast was around $18 or $19.

Verdict: A nice laid back place. I wouldn't go out of my way to return for breakfast, but they do burgers and live music on Friday nights which I'd like to try (although, it's a very small venue and if we didn't get a table I probably wouldn't stay - luckily the Brisbane is right across the road!)

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