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Monday, July 16, 2012

Another week in the office

Last week was slightly less crazy at work, primarily because my managing partner was on leave for 2 days. I'm not looking forward to his return to the office on Monday, it could potentially be very busy.

Since I haven't had time to leave the office to buy a coffee, it's a lifesaver that we have an awesome coffee machine. It uses Lavazza coffee pods, which I like a lot better than both the Nespresso and Expressi (Aldi) variety.

I have become partial to a 6:30pm coffee every evening, which is when I should be eating dinner but inevitably still have a few hours of work to do!

This is the view from my office window:
I actually love it. I have worked in a big firm where I had a panoramic view of the city, foreshore and river... and it was so depressing. It made me sadder to be in the office, I wanted to be out there enjoying the outdoors. At least this boring view doesn't make me yearn to be somewhere else.

I have put a few things in my office to brighten it up. I can't go overboard like I did working in Government, this office is a lot more conservative. Most people don't even have a single photo frame! I don't think anyone has noticed these things yet, so I've gotten away with it.

 My changeable sign

 Very cool paperclip holder

On Sunday my sister and I got up at 4am to go to the Karrinyup markets (swap meet). When we got there there were already heaps of cars lining up.

We sold quite a bit of stuff and this time I didn't catch anyone stealing, which hopefully means that people were honest. The markets are a great way to offload your stuff but it was exhausting, I don't think I'll do it again in a hurry while I'm working long hours during the week.

I wish I had bargained more when I went to the Melville markets a few weeks ago - I just accepted whatever price the vendor suggested (or what was marked), most people at these markets haggle down to the last 50c!

 Some of the takings

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