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Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Brunch Review: Zil Cafe, West Perth

It was 11:30am on a weekday. Thankfully, Zil were still happy to serve me from the brunch menu, and who can resist a second breakfast? Not me!

My meal:
Mushrooms and spinach with balsamic reduction + a poached egg (OK, so it's not hand poached... but at least it had a good consistency!)

The Scoring

Menu variety / creativity: 6/10. A short and simple menu. I probably chose the only ‘creative’ option.

Taste:  7.5/10. Very good, I really enjoyed my meal and thought it was a great combination of flavours. The egg wasn’t hand poached, but at least it had the right consistency.

Coffee: 7.5/10. Pretty good.

Setting / location: 7/10. Nice, simple décor. Around the back there are some bookshelves and wall decorations. The front has a wall covered in music/concert posters.

Service: 8.5/10. Very fast and friendly, personalised service. Love it!

Price: 7.5/10. Reasonably priced, with my breakfast costing $12 and the coffee coming in at average.

Verdict: Cute café and I wouldn’t hesitate to order the same dish again if I was in the area. Free wifi was handy too, but the service is what really made it special.
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