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Sunday, July 15, 2012

Thrifted Tumblers

I don't usually have much luck at the op shops in Morley, but they are quite close to me so I occassionally check them out. This time I managed to take home a few things, my favourite being some retro tumblers.

 Retro tumblers - $1 each

Brand new bow heels, $5

 This gorgeous tea cosy actually didn't come home with me - it felt damp and smelt funny, and I'm not sure if a wash would fix the problem. I also wasn't sure about the shape- it would only suit an extra large teapot. Cute and unusual none the less so I took a photo :-)

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  1. Super cute heels, I'm really liking grey at the moment.

  2. We live very close to each other! I don't bother with the Salvo's Morley it's such a rip off. Anglicare has an ok vintage section but they mark up the prices a bit. I love those tumblers. x

  3. Totally envious of those tumblers! Retro glasses are so hard to find in decent shape/reasonably priced.

  4. Those retro glasses are great, love the colours

  5. Those glasses are gorgeous. Love the patterns.


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