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Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Asos Purchases

The story goes like this. First I bought these genuine leather casual white shoes for a mere $25:

Asos Milan leather laser cut out flats (off-white), $25.51 in the Asos mid season sale.

Then I got an email saying said shoes have been delayed and will take an extra week to arrive. As compensation, they provided a code for 10% off my next order. Since I really don't need the shoes in any hurry, this was a bonus and I promptly went back to look at the Asos sale.

Genuine leather on Asos is cheap as chips. I have not really wanted or needed biker boots, but I like white and these were so cheap I couldn't pass them up:
Asos Alexa Chunky Lace Up Leather Ankle Boots - $30.61 on sale with an extra 10% off = $27.55

 Asos Lady Leather Ballet Flats - $30.61 with 10% off code.

I bought these in nude several months ago and they were so soft and comfortable, I decided to buy a black pair. You can't find 100% leather ballet flats in Australia for $30, so it's well worth it. I wore the nude ones to death and they ended up being thrown away because they started looking so shabby.

Above, that's three pairs of 100% leather shoes/boots for $83.67. That's less than what you'd pay for one pair here!

I have been wanting a photographic print top or dress so this tunic was my lemming of the season:
Asos Tunic Top in Midnight Scene - $19.15 (on sale with extra 10% off)

There was SO MUCH more I could have bought, but I was being stingy and withholding, chiefly because I have bought A LOT offline lately and already have wardrobe space issues. 

I'm going to be selling stuff at the markets soon (probably Karrinyup), so Perthites stay tuned!!


  1. Loving those black leather flats, have been umming and ahhing about them and if theyd be comfy. Thanks for the post, definitely getting them!

  2. Lovely buys!!!

    Isn't it crazy how cheap leather shoes are overseas. I walked out of a few shoe shops a couple of weeks ago after seeing flats that looked similar to the black ones in this post of yours but made of synthetic material (all over including upper and lining), they were on sale for... wait for it... $59.95 original price $89.95

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