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Friday, July 27, 2012

Road trips from hell

We were on a 4WD tour of Fraser Island. I was about 12 years old, but I remember the traumatic experience like it was yesterday. I had been feeling travel sick for a while, but I had been told in the past by my parents that it was "all in my head" and that "no one else in the family suffers from travel sickness, it is obviously psychological". Of course this meant I kept quiet and tried to ignore the feeling.

You can guess what happened. By the time I realised that I was actually going to vomit, there was no time to tell anyone let alone source a plastic bag or get out of the vehicle. I vomited all over myself, my Dad who was sitting next to me, my chair, the back of the chair infront of me, the floor etc.

I couldn't eat sundried tomatos for several years afterwards. Let's just say that if you gulp down whole ones the day before, they take a long time to be digested and whole sundried tomatos don't look good on the floor of the bus amongst other gunk. Too much information? Yes, I apologise!

Unfortunately, it all happened early in the morning on a full day tour. This meant I didn't have clean clothes to wear for the rest of the day, and I was very unpopular on the bus. I was mortified as the bus driver tried his best to clean up and spread ecalyptus oil around the bus to mask the smell.

 For those of you who have never seen a 4WD bus, they look like this - source

Later in the day we stopped for lunch and were instructed to leave our belongings on our seats in the bus. A rude German family joined the tour, and decided to appropriate our seats which were towards the front of the bus (they simply sat on top of our belongings). My Mum told them, "Excuse me, those are our seats" to which they aggressively replied, "We are not moving". She tried to explain that we were happy to give up the seats, but that I had vomited everywhere and they were sitting in vomit. They couldn't speak much english so obviously didn't understand, and simply shouted aggressively that they would not move (and proceeded to throw our belonings into the aisle). The rest of the bus witnessed their rudeness and there was a lot of laughter as they realised which seats these tourists had stolen. Talk about karma, you have got to love it!

Do you have an interesting road trip story? Do share!!!


  1. Oh I can empathise with your travel sickness! I've always been the travel sickie in my family, and my parents also used to tell me I was "talking myself in to it". When I was young I'd sometimes be sick 5 or 6 times on the short trips we'd frequently take from Canberra to the coast! It's mortifying when it's in front of a bunch of strangers. That must have been horrible you poor thing!

  2. such a cute last photo! (:

    stop by sometime?




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