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Sunday, February 05, 2012

Thrifty Finds (and first visit to the tip!)

This week, I checked out the following op shops:
  • Vinnies in Narrabundah
  • Salvos in Fyshwick (only had time for the Bargain Basement part)
  • Tiny's Shed at the Mugga Lane tip (in Symonston)
It was my first visit to the tip - I heard that it would be a good place to buy a 2nd hand exercise bike which I need for my hip rehab. I'll only be using it for a few weeks, so I don't want to spend much. I phoned ahead and asked if they had any, and they said they did... of course when I got there they had 2 - an antique looking one that didn't work, and a very heavy and heavily rusted one which was missing its seat. I returned home without either.

The trip to the tip ended up being quite an adventure. I got parked into my car park when I was leaving, because some annoying people parked a trailer right behind my car and started loading up furniture. When I could finally leave the car park, I got lost twice on the way home.

By far the coolest thing I saw at Tiny's Shed was this amazing vintage TV which has been turned into a fish tank! If I planned on remaining in Canberra for any decent amount of time, I would totally have bought this because it would make such an amazing addition to any room:

This is what the inside of the shed looks like (I had no idea it would be so huge):

And here is the outside... I love the sign "Awesome Pat, man of the people":

Anyway, here are the purchases of the week:
 Cute teapot ($1, from the tip), ugly mug ($1, from Salvos), floral embroidery (50c, from Salvos), books ($1 each, Salvos) and 4 x retro plastic plates (brand new, $2 for 4 from Salvos)

 Close ups of the loveliness!

Floral plates with gold rim (75c for 3 from Vinnies), flower & leaves plate ($1, from Vinnies).

Already put to use in a way that makes me smile :)

Linking up with Sophie to share the thrifting love.


  1. That tv come fish tank is awesome and so are tip shops!

  2. Great finds - can't believe how huge that shed is! Love the plates.
    Liz @ Shortbread & Ginger

  3. that tip shop looks amazing. i'll have to tell my friends in canberra about it.

  4. Oh I've never been to Tiny's! I will have to check it out now.


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