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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Inspirational Furniture / Homewares

Furniture/homewares I want in my house:

This gorgeous suitcase lounge chair is designed by a South African designer, Katie Thompson.

Urban Outfitters Turquoise Chandelier - this now sold out item was almost purchased by me, but I resisted due to my February shopping ban *sobs* It was very affordable - on sale for $30 before shipping!

Restored art nouveau washstand - I saw this advertised on Gumtree in Perth for $950. If only I was living there, and had my own house...

This "Songbird" chandelier was stocked by Anthropologie, and retailed at around $800. A little bit exxy for what it is... I much prefer this $15 DIY version, which I'd love to attempt myself:

Source: Daily Danny

Decorative knobs - the cheap and easy way to spice up a dresser. You can get nicer ones than these, but you get the idea. Source: Ezibuy

Another Perth Gumtree lust have, this beautiful antique dresser is advertised at only $200.

Last but not least, I am in love by the clocks made by Betty of BettyJoDesigns. This one is $150, and would be worth the cost for the joy that it would bring me :-)


  1. Great inspiration! I love collecting vintage door knobs! And I'm pretty sure I could find space for that suitcase lounge chair in our home! Hope you're having a great day Lisa (lovely Canberran weather to go with it!)

  2. I found your blog after seeing your win on Tam's 'A Treasured Past'. I love the idea with the bird light shade. I am thinking of making a paper-moth thing of a roughly similar nature so it is good to see how other people tackle it.

  3. Chandelier is very beautiful, I have like this in my living room and it looks great. Regarding the other furniture in your post I agree with you, they are very nice and functional.

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