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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Antisocial Office Behaviour

I have two major pet peeves:
  • #1 People who sniff loudly and draw back into their sinuses.
  • #2 People who eat loudly with their mouth open - although I can deal with this quite easily as a person cannot eat continuously all day.
Unfortunately, I am surrounded by #1 in the office at the moment. I really wish people would take a day or two off if they are clearly sick, to avoid spreading their germs. We are not busy at the moment and the sick person has hardly any work (and certainly nothing pressing), so he has no excuse. If a person comes in to work, the least they can do is avoid constantly making disgusting noises (and by constantly, I mean every 10-20 seconds).

Yesterday I put on headphones and listened to music and I could *still* hear it. I politely suggested to said person that if he wasn't feeling well, no one would mind if he went home... but he didn't listen. I also tried giving him a box of tissues, but he didn't take the hint. By the end of yesterday I was ready to strangle him, especially when he stayed late at work!

As much as I try to calm down and ignore the sound, I can't - I find it super irritating. Today I plan to listen to music again so that I can hear it less.

Do you think I'm overreacting? And what are your office pet peeves?


  1. i can't stay gum chewers. Especially at meetings or dealing with clients. SO unprofessional

  2. Oh, I can't stand loud gulpers. It has peeved me since I was young. I can sip quietly and can also hear myself when I have "gulped" loudly, so try and control, it people! It's annnnnnnoying. My boss does it constantly. Another thing he does is whisper. Um, why?! whyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy. I can’t hear you when you whisper!

    He is also overly polite, which I guess is better than being a total a-hole, but still... It's gets to the point of being condescending (like thanking me for things that need no thanking). He even says "good girl" or "good job" like I'm a dog who just sat on command, when all I did was something quite simple. Grrrr.

    LOL, it could be worse... I keep telling myself that :)

    Oh wait, there's more. There's this other jerk head from jerksville in my office (yes, I refer to him as that to other workmates who share my sentiments) and he complains loudly about no one cleaning the kitchen. I am right opposite the kitchen, so I always feel he is talking to me. He’ll say things like “Am I the ONLY one who cleans this place?!” then crash bang crash noises of him “cleaning”. For some time now I have been bringing all my own cutlery, plates, mugs and cups and wash them by hand, just so I am not in any way guilty of what he is complaining about. He went away for 2 weeks at the beginning of the year... And the kitchen was spotless. Everyone else cleans up after themselves. It is HE who makes a damn mess in there and then complains about cleaning it!!!!!!

    Once I called him on his complaining. I was sick to death of it (he swears about it too and it just puts me in a bad mood). I stormed into the kitchen and said "are you talking to me?? Because I am the only one who can hear you, and it's not my mess!!' and he was all 'oh no, no, not you, I'm just talking to myself, that's what happens when you get older'... blah blah, they always use being an old grump as an excuse. grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr. He still does it now; I just try and ignore him. I know it is NOT my mess, so I don't care anymore. Still pee’s me off. A lot.

    That’s all. Haha.

  3. LOL, it makes me feel better that other people get equally annoyed about petty office stuff. I can deal with gulping, but the sniffling thing is just driving me mad. It is disgusting, and it's bad for you too!

  4. Adding to the sinus comment, blowing noses in an open plan office is a no-no in my books too. The bathroom is a more hygenic and sound proof place.

  5. Ewwww! Yuk! I would be peeved to. Or throw up. Guttural sounds have that effect on me I'm afraid.

  6. Thanks for your comment on my blog
    Sniffing I hate it, it's so annoying. I work with 8yr olds I'll say no more :)


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