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Sunday, February 26, 2012

Popping the Garage Sale Cherry

I have been inspired by some other lovely bloggers to start looking into garage sales - seeing what others have found at such great prices, they seem to be a great alternative to op shopping at actual stores.

There are 2 problems with garage sales:
(1) The early bird catches the worm, and often they finish at midday. I really value my weekend sleep ins and find it extremely hard to wake up early when I know that I don't *have to*.
(2) I find that advertisements are lacking detail about what is on offer, and in Canberra the majority are only advertised in the Saturday paper on the day of the sale. That means that planning ahead is impossible.

Last Saturday I had an early physiotherapy appointment (early on a Saturday actually means 9am...). Afterwards I had a leisurely coffee and cruised around some shops. Then I randomly checked the newspaper, and saw that there was a garage sale right near where I live that was advertising "vintage". By the time I got there it was already 12:30pm, so one would think that I would have missed all the good stuff. But... you just never know, and I found some wonderful items at fantastic prices!!!
I have always wanted a wicker suitcase like this one. I'm not yet sure whether I'll use it for decor, as a fashion accessory or as a sewing box (as the previous owner obviously did - there were some needles and thread left inside). The best thing was that it only cost $2:

The inside has this super cute blue plaid material, and it's in perfect condition. I also picked up these 3 necklaces for 50c each:

Do I wish I had gotten there earlier? Well yes, I suppose so. I may just have to find a way to get up earlier on weekends and visit some more garage sales...Linking up with Sophie as usual.


  1. lovely case. it is truly worth it getting up early on a sat morning:)

  2. oh you did well. hmmm, maybe I should take more notice of the signs that are dotted around my place.

  3. I love a good garage sale, and it sounds like it was well priced. Have you been to trash and treasure yet? The Belconnen one is usually good, as well as the Woden one which may be a little closer to you. We usually get there around 10ish and still find the odd treasure. Tam x

  4. I'm not a wicker person generally speaking but I share your wicker-suitcase fancies, I just love them for some reason and yours was a total steal at 2 dollars. The gingham lining is great too :-)

    Jem xXx

  5. Great case! It can defintely be more hit and miss with garage sales. I was outpriced at one today, they were asking vintage shop prices. But then again some of my best buys are garage sale ones. x

  6. the good thing about getting to garage sales late is that prices are generally cheaper!

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